New DEEPRO SPIRIT wtih plastic handle.

More durable, light weighted, thinner body shape...


 A classic hard body having the optimum mass with ergonomical wood handle. The choise of dozens of proffesionals since 2009...

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In  incredibly beautiful nature of the spearfishing world, each equipment we carry are the extensions of present-day technology. In the variety of these material world,  the most suitible raw material  stil comes from nature.




A properly selected kind of wood with it’s density ,structure, workability  can change in to fabulous underwater rifles  by experienced hands  which  give  the feeling of confidence and  performance to fisherman.


Since 2007, DEEPRO reaches hundreds of costumers all over country  and abroad. In the name of a professional company, DEEPRO stil preserves the beauty  and  spirit of an amateur  soul  with the highest  quality.  Contact us for detailed information.

Wooden spearguns

DEEPRO SPIRIT shooting tests
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